Fairfield County Arrest, Court, and Public Records

Crime Numbers

Fairfield County recorded 15,827 crimes in 2017, the most recent year with a complete set of crime statistics. This represents an 8.3% decline in overall crime rate between 2013 and 2017. The 2017 crime figure for Fairfield County includes 29 murders, 181 rapes, 890 robberies, and 1,202 aggravated assaults. Larceny was the leading property crime with 10,007 offenses. Other incidences of property crimes in 2017 include 1,718 burglaries, 1,800 motor vehicle thefts, and 33 arsons.

The most recent five-year crime trend for Fairfield County shows that murder (107.1%), rape (5.2%), aggravated assault (6.6%), and motor vehicle theft (36.1%) rates increased. On the other hand, the county recorded fewer robberies (5.9%), burglaries (42.1%), larcenies (6.5%), and arsons (36.5%) between 2013 and 2017.

Criminal Records

Like other counties in Connecticut, Fairfield County has no central government or law enforcement agency. Each of the municipalitiesin the county has its own government and police department. Requests for criminal justice reports such as accident and offense reports and background checks should go to these police departments. For example, requests for incidences that happened in Fairfield Township should go to the Records Division of the Police Department located at 100 Reef Road, Fairfield. The Department’s phone number is (203) 254-4800.

Other popular municipalities in Fairfield County include the Town of Newton as well asthe cities of Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk, and Danbury (ranked 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 7th largest cities in Connecticut). The contact information for their police departments are:

Newton Police Department
3, Main Street, Newton
Records Department: (203) 270-4254

Bridgeport Police Department
300 Congress Street, Bridgeport
Records Division: (203) 581-5270

Stamford Police Department
805 Bedford Street, Stamford
Records Division: (203) 977-4409

Norwalk Police Department
1 Monroe Street, Norwalk
Records Unit: (203) 854-3020

Danbury Police Department
375 Main Street, Danbury
Accident Reports: (203) 797-4679

The roles of the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Department includes transporting prisoners and providing security for courthouses in the county.

Like other counties in Connecticut,the state operates the jail in Fairfield County. The only correctional facility in the county is the one in Bridgeport located at 1106 North Avenue. Call (475) 225-8000 to reach the information desk of the Bridgeport Correctional Facility. To find individuals incarcerated in this state jail, use the online inmate search tool provided by the Connecticut Department of Correction.

The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection maintains a statewide database of registered sex offenders living in the state of Connecticut. To find offenders residing, working, and schooling in Fairfield County, access the Connecticut Sex Offender Registry online. Search for registered offenders by name, email address, phone number, city, street address, and zip code. From the Registry, members of the public can also search for non-compliant offenders.

Court Records

Fairfield County is home to Danbury, Fairfield, and Stamford-Norwalk Judicial Districts. The location of the courthouses in these districts are:

Fairfield Judicial District
1061 Main Street, Bridgeport

Danbury Judicial District
146 White Street, Danbury

Stamford-Norwalk Judicial District
123 Hoyt Street, Stamford

Case documents for the Superior Courts in these Districts are available online on the website of the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch. There are separate Case Look-up portals for criminal case records and civil/family/housing/small claims case records.

There are also Probate Courts in the cities and towns of Fairfield County. Some of these are:

Danbury Probate Court
155 Deer Hill Avenue, City Hall Building
Danbury, CT
(203) 797-4521

Bridgeport Probate Court
999 Broad Street, Government Center
Bridgeport, CT 06604
(203) 576-3945

Stamford Probate Court
888 Washington Blvd., P.O. Box 10152
Stamford, CT 06904-2152
(203) 323-2149

Fairfield Probate Court
Independence Hall, 725 Old Post Road
Fairfield, CT 06824-6684
(203) 256-3041

Northern Fairfield County Probate Court
1 School Street
Bethel, CT 06801
(203) 794-8508

Norwalk – Wilton Probate Court
125 East Avenue, P.O. Box 2009
Norwalk, CT 06852-2009
(203) 854-7737

Case records for these courts are available online on the website of the Connecticut Probate Courts. Visit the Case Lookup page to search for records by court district.

Vital Records

Divorce records for Fairfield County are available on the Case Lookup portal of the Connecticut Judicial Branch. To obtain copies of Divorce Decrees and Dissolution of Civil Union, visit the Judicial District Clerk’s Office at the court that granted the dissolution. The three Judicial District courthouses in Fairfield County are:

Fairfield Judicial District
1061 Main Street, Bridgeport

Danbury Judicial District
146 White Street, Danbury

Stamford-Norwalk Judicial District
123 Hoyt Street, Stamford

Other vital records such as birth, death, marriage, and civil union certificates, are available from the Vital Records Office of the Connecticut Department of Health. This office has vital records dating back to 1897. To obtain copies of these records, start by downloading an Application for Copy of Birth, Death, Marriage, or Civil Union Certificate. Complete and send this, along with a money order for copy fee, to:

CT Department of Public Health
Vital Records Office
410 Capitol Ave. MS#11VRS
Hartford, CT 06134-0308

Make the money order payable to Treasurer, State of CT. The State Vital Records Office charges $30 for each certified copy of birth certificate issued. The fee for a certified death, marriage, or civil union certificate is $20.

Requesters can also visit any of the Vital Records offices in the towns and cities of Fairfield County. Requests to local offices require a different Application for a Birth, Death, Marriage, or Civil Union Certificate. Local Vital Records Offices charge $20 for each certified copy of vital record. The locations and contact information of some of the local offices in Fairfield County are:

Bridgeport Vital Statistics
999 Broad Street
Bridgeport, CT 06604
(203) 576-8208

Stamford Town Clerk
888 Washington Blvd.
Stamford, CT 06904-2152
(203) 977-4054

Norwalk Town Clerk
P. O. Box 5125
Norwalk, CT 06856-5125
(203) 854-7747

Wilton Town Clerk
238 Danbury Road
Wilton, CT 06897-4008
(203) 563-0106

Fairfield Town Clerk
611 Old Post Road
Fairfield, CT 06824
(203) 256-3090

For other locations around the county, check the Connecticut Town Vital Records Office Directory.