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Tolland County Arrest, Court, and Public Records

Criminal Statistics

The Connecticut Department of Public Safety publishes an annual statewide crime summary featuring data maintained by the Connecticut State Police Crime Analysis Unit. According to the 2017 publication, Tolland County law enforcement agencies recorded a total of 615 criminal offenses within the year. Larceny was reportedly the most popular offense with 448 incidents, making it the most frequently occurring property crime, followed by burglary and motor vehicle theft with 73 and 37 incidents respectively. Similarly, aggravated assault was recorded to be the most recurring violent crime with 40 reported incidents followed by rape and robbery recorded 9 and 6 times each. Murder and arson were both the least recorded offenses and were each recorded once throughout 2017.

Criminal Records

The Connecticut State Police Bureau of Identification maintains the state repository of criminal history information and processes requests for criminal records and background checks. The records managed by the State Police Bureau are pooled from local law enforcement agencies and include county-based arrest history, misdemeanor and felony charges as well as conviction information; thus, Tolland county residents may request and obtain both statewide and county-level records from the state office.

How to Get Criminal Records

Requests for Criminal History Records are processed by the Bureau of Identification of the Connecticut State Police Department. The office provides statewide criminal history information of Connecticut residents including arrest and conviction history, felony and misdemeanor charges and any outstanding warrants issued within state limits.

Interested persons may request a criminal record check by completing a Criminal History Request Form. Applications should legibly indicate the name and personal information of the subject of the check as well as a preferred mailing address for receiving the record. The form should be enclosed along with a check or money order payment of the record being requested and submitted in person or via mail to:

Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection,
State Police Bureau of Identification
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, CT 06457-2389
Phone: (860) 685-8480
Fax: (860) 685-8361

How to Find Sex Offender Information

The Connecticut Department of Emergency Services maintains the state's official Sex Offender Registry, searchable by interested members of the public. The registry houses information regarding the location and compliance status of sex offenders resident in Tolland county. Interested persons may search the registry for relevant information by offender name, city, zip code and home, school and work/volunteer addresses. County residents may also search for offenders within a specified radius or by proximity to a specific location and online identifiers. Additionally, interested persons may opt to register for Email Alerts in order to receive notifications regarding sex offender location and status within Tolland County.

Where and How to Get Inmate and Jail Information

The Connecticut State Department of Correction is charged with overseeing the running of the county jail and correctional facilities. Thus all inmate and jail related queries may be directed to the corrections staff or obtained from the Information Page of the Department of Corrections website. The site features an Inmate Search Tool which can be used to track inmates in facilities across the state. Inmates can be searched by Doc number, first name, last name or date of birth.

Court Records

Where and How to Get Court Records

The Connecticut Trial Court System consists of Superior and Probate courts that oversee various case types. As per state provisions, Tolland county court records are usually retained by the Clerk of the court where the case was heard. Thus, retrieval will require the requestor to query the courthouse or the office of the clerk of the court where the case was heard. (see the location of courts in the county below)

The requesting party is typically required to provide specific information regarding the court record being requested including; the name of the plaintiff or defendant, the case file number, the litigant name and the date the record was filed. Requestors may also be required to pay any applicable search and copy fees depending on the record being requested.

Location of All Courts in County

Listed below are the addresses and contact information of all the courthouses in Tolland County, Connecticut:

Geographical Area 19 at Rockville
20 Park Street,
Rockville, CT 06066
Phone: (860) 870-3200
Fax: (860) 870-3290

Juvenile Matters at Rockville
25 School Street,
Rockville, CT 06066
Phone: (860) 872-7143
Fax: (860) 871-1802

Tolland Judicial District
69 Brooklyn Street,
Rockville, CT 06066
Phone: (860) 896-4920
Fax: (860) 875-0777

Ellington Probate Court
Probate District 12
Town Hall, 14 Park Place,
P.O. Box 268,
Vernon, CT 06066
Phone: (860) 872-0519
Fax: (860) 870-5140

Greater Manchester Probate Court
Probate District 13
66 Center Street,
Manchester, CT 06040
Phone: (860) 647-3227
Fax: (860) 647-3236

Tolland - Mansfield Probate Court
Hicks Memorial Municipal Center
Municipal Center,
21 Tolland Green,
2nd Level,
Tolland, CT 06084
Phone: (860) 871-3640
Fax: (860) 871-3641

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Vital Records

The Connecticut State Department of Public Health is the primary custodian of vital records for the state. The Department operates the State Vital Records office which is primarily tasked with recording events of birth, death, and marriage within the county. Tolland county vital records are maintained and can be requested from the state office.

Where and How to Get Divorce Records

Records of divorces granted in Tolland County are retained by the Tolland County probate court which is usually the issuing court of the divorce.

The court makes copies of divorce records available to interested persons. However, the requestor will be required to provide information regarding the divorce such as the names of the divorcees, the date and place of the divorce as well as the date the record was filed and the case file number (if known).

Requests can be made via mail or in-person to any of the probate courts listed in court locations above or:

Tolland Judicial District
69 Brooklyn Street, Rockville, CT 06066
Phone: (860) 896-4920
Fax: (860) 875-0777

Where and How to Get Marriage Records

Marriage certificates are public record and can be obtained by interested members of the public from the state Vital Records Office. Requests for marriage records can also be made to the office of the town clerk where the marriage was licensed within Tolland County. Whichever the issuing office, copies of marriage certificates that include the social security number of the subjects may only be issued to the spouses.

Requests for marriage records can be made by completing the Marriage Certificate Copy Request application. The completed form should be accompanied by a cheque or money order payment of the indicated fees and submitted:

Connecticut Department of Public Health
Vital Records Section
Customer Services, MS # 11 VRS
P.O. Box 340308
Hartford, CT 06134-0308

Where and How to Get Birth and Death Records

As per Connecticut state laws, birth records are confidential and cannot be issued by anyone who isn't any one of the below:

  • The registrant (must be 18 or older)
  • The parent, legal guardian, spouse or adult descendant of the registrant
  • A legal representative of the registrant
  • Persons authorized by a court order.

On the other hand, death records are available to interested members of the public.

Requests for either of these records can be made by sending an Application For Birth Record or Application for Death Record form along with the stated fees and ID requirements to:

Connecticut Department of Public Health
Vital Records Section
Customer Services, MS # 11 VRS
P.O. Box 340308
Hartford, CT 06134-0308